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CEO Message

Clearview Interiors

Tariq Shaikh is a First-Generation Entrepreneur based in Dubai.

As CEO and Founder his goal is to develop and grow business in the region with day-to-day Operations of Sales and Marketing Functions, Business Tie ups, and Operations and make Clearview Interiors and Clearview Group a well-established brand in UAE. Tariq is an experienced campaigner with 18 Years of Strong Experience in Brand activation through the medium of Expos, Event branding and Interiors Fit outs. His main priority is his clients and staff. We aim to give the best so hire the best. His focus is always been to deliver best to his clients and he gets immense satisfaction when the Clients appreciates the efforts by him and his Clearview Interior Team and that motivates us to raise the bar in next project if it is followed up with a Appreciation Letter/Testimonial it’s a Cherry on the Cake.

Our efficiency and effectiveness are based on our core values which focus on the behavior within the team and interaction with our clients. Leadership, excellence, integrity, accountability, teamwork and trust form the main ethos of our company.

According to Tariq Business success is based upon your staff, their motivation and willingness to go that extra mile, provide that extra service, learn that extra task and deliver professionalism and excellence in a healthy environment.

On the basis of my 18 years of global experience and with highly professional and experienced Team. We will surely serve you the best with uncompromised quality and timely delivery on all projects. We would welcome the opportunity to work with you and I personally assure you that our Team at Clearview Interiors will exceed your expectation.


Tariq Shaikh
Founder and CEO
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Clearview Interior
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